Finan Services, Inc. offers crane services, concrete floor prep and shot blasting, asphalt scarification and concrete grinding, power washing and power steam services, oilfield construction, and industrial painting in Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, and Wisconsin

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Shot Blasting / Concrete Floor Prep

Finan Services, Inc. has extensive experience applying shot blasting techniques to large and small applications

Finan Services can shot blast over 200,000 sq ft per day

Finan Services, Inc. has extensive experience applying shotblasting techniques to large and small applications including parking garages, airport terminals, industrial buildings of all sizes and warehouse floors.

Industrial Floor Preparation

Surface contractors know that the finished surface will look great and have good adhesion only if the surface has been properly prepared with shotblasting. We provide a surface profile to your exact specifications. Finan Services, Inc. partners with surface finish contractors, as well as building owners with in-house maintenance programs. We do the dirty work, with a minimum of downtime.


Over 200,000 Sq. Ft.

Our three machines have a capacity of well over 200,000 sq. ft. per day and our crews work flexible hours--all to minimize disruption to your daily operation. With the addition of new equipment and upgrades to existing equipment, we are the fastest growing surface prep company east of the Mississippi River.

Finan Services makes your industrial and commercial floors like new again

We Do the Detail Work

Finan's self-contained shot blast and scarification units maintain a dust-free, safe environment. We remove all types of industrial contaminants: Grease, dirt, paint, tar, adhesives, epoxy, urethane, and heavy industrial coatings.

Contaminated surface debris is removed and fed into a sealed self-contained collection system for proper disposal. This means you have a clean, dry surface ready for immediate application.

For more information about shotblasting, surface preparation or other services available from Finan, contact us.


Surface Preparation

  • Parking garage complexes
  • Warehouse floors
  • Airport terminals
  • Private & Public Buildings
  • Line Removal
Parking garage floors are made to look new

Telephone: (231) 362-3737
Toll Free: 866-FINAN-37
Fax: (231) 362-2174

Shot Blasting

Steel shot is blasted against a surface; debris, dust, and the shot are all contained in our sealed collection systems hopper. The resulting area is dry and well-etched, ready for immediate coating. This method provides an excellent profile for maximum adhesion with all the popular finishes.


Small Shot Blast and Scarifying Jobs

  Shot blasting description  
Small shot blast and scarifying

We can go where the big machines can't, through 36" doorways for smaller shot blast and scarifying jobs. Using an EPA-approved liquid cooled diesel engine and catalytic converter, this small shot blast/scarifier produces a feathered blasting edge. The finished surface is ideal for thin-set applications or for use with clear coatings.

Gain entry through standard 36" doorways. Contact Finan Services, Inc. for smaller shot blast and scarifying jobs.

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